ELIJA Transitional Programs and Services (TPS) ages 12-21 years


The mission of the ELIJA TPS is to provide a muiltiyear comprehensive  scientifically validated curriculum for young adults transitioing into academic and work environments. TPS supports individuals  focusing on vocational skills, life skills, cognitive and social skills and community integration with the ultimate goal of preparing and supporting individuals to live and work as independently as possible.


ELIJA’s Transition Program and Services is aimed at designing unique customized programming based on an individual’s valued outcomes. We support individuals  in local colleges and in competitive employment. We also provide vocational training in the areas of workplace behavior, such as appropriate communication and navigating the social environment at work.

Access to some of the 35 course curriculum
ELIJA TPS provides a formalized 35 course curriculum which offers coursework in general lfie skills, vocational programs, recreation and leisure, social skills and independent living skills

To take advantage of a comprehensive program, consider full-time participation in the Transition to Community Life (TCL) Program and Social Enterprise.

Transition to Community Life (TCL) Program

ELIJA’s Transition to Community Life (TCL) Pogram offers a caring community for adolescents and young adults. TCL is committed to developing learner competence and confidence in academic, social and independent living skills. These skills help graduates go on to lead successful, self-sufficient and fulfilling lives, creating a new future – for themselves, their families, our community, and our economy.

There are two main components of TCL:

35 Course Sequence for Independent Living and Job Internship/Social Enterprise

35 Course Sequence for Independent Living
Throughout the 12 month program, participants work on employability and functional skills. The course consists of 2 tracks held in a variety of community based locations both in Nassau and Suffolk County. Students are assigned tracks based on the instructor’s initial assessment of skills. Coursework is designed around these focus areas:

  • Communication
  • Consumer Economics
  • Community Resources
  • Health and Wellness
  • Agriculture
  • Employment
  • Money Management and Personal Finances
  • Social Competencies
  • Learning and Thinking
  • Independent Living
  • Government and Law

Internship/Social Enterprise

ELIJA’s transition programs and services (TPS) provides opportunities for individuals  to participate in social enterprise and internships in local businesses in the community. Adults gain general employment skills and work history in real revenue producing businesses.

Internships and Social Enterprise Programs:

  • Businesses throughout Nassau & Suffolk
  • ELIJA Farm CSA
    • The ELIJA Farm CSA provides training in agriculture, inventory control and distribution.
  • Just cAUse Granola Enterprise
    • Just cAUse granola provides training in inventory control, product development, order fulfillment and sales.

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For more information contact Debora Thivierge, Founder & Executive Director: Deb@ELIJA.org