Fall 2022 Semester Program (sample)


ELIJA TPS offers transition training classes held at various community based locations across Nassau and Suffolk County to offer an immersive experience for quality based learning. ELIJA TPS is committed to developing  learner competence and confidence in learning, social and independent living skills. These life skills help graduates go on to lead successful, self-sufficient and fulfilling lives, creating a new future – for themselves, their families, our community, and our economy.

Basic Communication:

This course is designed to teach ELIJA TPS learners about basic communication skills needed to become effective communicators and listeners. This course will focus on verbal and non-verbal communication, socialization, workplace communication, and other areas of life skills communication. The students will gain knowledge, practice, and awareness of appropriate and effective communication skills.


General Life Skills:

General Life Skills is a course designed to prepare ELIJA TPS learners for the rigors of real life. The course will touch on issues related to adulthood. Students will develop the skills needed to be effective communicators, and to live and work as independently as possible.


Essential Tips for Independent Living:

Essential Tips for Independent Living is a course designed to teach ELIJA TPS learners practical independent living skills. Targeted skills will fall under the domains of safety, self-advocacy, hygiene, food prep, cleaning, organization, care of personal possessions, and technology. Learners will develop new skills and strengthen previously learned skills related to independent living.


Life Skills Technology

This course is deigned to teach ELIJA TPS learners to use technology for the purposes of self-help, organization, communication, transportation, leisure, self-care, and safety. The students will learn to fluently use a variety of apps and programs on their smartphone, computers, and/or tablets.


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